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Management app.

Below are the three common purposes in terms of client size is for personal, for small teams, and for large organizations when using a management app.

Do you really know what a project estimation includes, what steps should be done and how important this document is?

outsourcing software tips

To help you make it in the few of those successful cases, here are some pieces of advice Designveloper thinks you may need to take action.

software development, software outsourcing, back-end, front-end, tech stack, javascript, web application, web design, python, VueJS , HTML, CSS

One of the most necessary steps in successfully creating a web application is choosing the right technology. In general, web application development requires a server, a database, a programming language, and HTML+CSS to make a good-looking for users. For most of the outsiders, those specialized words may sound unfamiliar. Should you use Python or Java? […]

software development, software outsourcing, back-end, front-end, tech stack, javascript, web application, web design, python, VueJS , HTML, CSS

So, you already had the idea, the next step you’re thinking of is finding a professional Software Development company to help you actualize it. Whether you need an engaging mobile app, an impressive website, a simple game app or internal business software, it takes a proper choice to make everything happen. So far, the most […]

Things That Can Make Or Break Your Website

Have you ever heard about the saying: “The devil is in the details”? I bet you did. When it comes to building a website, this quote still remain true. It can take weeks to finish, cost a fortune, and there are still at least half a dozen considerations that we didn’t fully think through before […]

  • May 15, 2017
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An overall look of the 3rd Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup.

Our 3rd Meteor meetup in Ho Chi Minh city was a blast! Thanks to Mr. Hung Vo CEO of Designveloper for his generous sponsorship which made the event successful. The goal of this meetup was to continue with a more in depth Meteor problems as well as dig into the next UX/UI generation for web […]

  • August 17, 2016
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Web design trends in 2016

Just like any other fields, web design is always evolving with the passing of time. There is a saying that goes: “If you are not ahead of the times, you are behind them”. It’s perfectly true! As a web designer, it’s essential to know what the current and upcoming trends are. It helps you not […]

  • August 10, 2016
Meetup groups for newbie to tech

If you are a newbie to code, then instead of sitting on your chair like…forever, you need to take your “learn-to-code” journey offline and join meetup groups. These groups are so ideal for tech beginner because you can get career advice, coding help, general support from the best programmer around, and as a result, you […]

  • July 26, 2016
Designveloper's outstanding projects

Designveloper owns a strong team of many talents who are endlessly active in the creative community, eager and excited about every project that clients would like to discuss with us. We take pride in excelling rapidly by delivering exclusive web development, creative and eyes-catching web, providing best mobile app development services and completed VOIP development […]

  • July 14, 2016
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