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So, you already had the idea, the next step you’re thinking of is finding a professional Software Development company to help you actualize it. Whether you need an engaging mobile app, an impressive website, a simple game app or internal business software, it takes a proper choice to make everything happen. So far, the most […]

Did you remember that we, Designveloper, is Prime Partner of Meteor, which is well-known as the best Javascript framework for developing fully customized realtime, single page and responsive application? I bet you did cause we have mentioned that all the time. 😉 Recently, we were very delighted to have Mr. Mark Trang, who is VP […]

  • November 10, 2016
All thing about NoSQL Injection in Meteor Application

FYI: This is one of two topics of our 2nd Meteor Meetup on July 9th, 2016. The author is Son Le, a young talent member of Designveloper. Those who were not able to attend our 2nd Meteor Ho Chi Minh meetup at July 9th could find all about NoSQL Injection in Meteor.js Application – one […]

  • August 6, 2016
Learning how to deploy and scale a meteor app

FYI: This is one of two topics of our 2nd Meteor Meetup on July 9th, 2016. The author is Tai Nguyen, a young talent member of Designveloper. I believe that you already had a good preparation after digesting our previous blog What To Consider Before Deploying A Meteor App, right? Now, it’s time to get […]

  • August 2, 2016
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Meetup groups for newbie to tech

If you are a newbie to code, then instead of sitting on your chair like…forever, you need to take your “learn-to-code” journey offline and join meetup groups. These groups are so ideal for tech beginner because you can get career advice, coding help, general support from the best programmer around, and as a result, you […]

  • July 26, 2016
How Does Meteor Framework work on

In a most recently posted blog, I had pointed out some reasons why you should choose Meteor for your future web and mobile apps. Meteor is now widely used by developers due to its enormous advantages. Nowadays, there are tons of web and mobile apps built with Meteor such as Telescope,,, and of […]

Designveloper's outstanding projects

Designveloper owns a strong team of many talents who are endlessly active in the creative community, eager and excited about every project that clients would like to discuss with us. We take pride in excelling rapidly by delivering exclusive web development, creative and eyes-catching web, providing best mobile app development services and completed VOIP development […]

  • July 14, 2016
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2nd Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup

Again, another Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup successfully ended with helpful knowledge about Meteor shared and a lot of fun and happiness. Through nearly 2 hours of our meetup, we did hope that all of you guys had one step further on the way of conquering Meteor. Now it’s high time to have a look […]

Reasons for choosing Meteor to develop your next web and mobile apps

Meteor is no longer a new concept to those who study and work in IT section. Unlike other frameworks, Meteor is a smart and powerful tool that allows you build web and mobile applications with one single language of JavaScript. In terms of programming, Meteor is described as an open-source and full-stack JavaScript platform that […]

FYI: This is one of three topics of our first Meteor Meetup on June 4th, 2016. The author is Khang Nguyen, a young talent member of Designveloper. This is an article on his blog, you can read the original article here. Introduction Over the past two months, I have been working on an interesting project […]

On a sunny Saturday June 4th, 2016, we organized our first Meteor Meetup at Ho Chi Minh City. More than 40 people participated, and we all had a great time together. In this first meetup, we aimed to introduce Meteor, and create a Meteor community in Viet Nam to share knowledge. We all agreed on […]

In the previous post, we’ve discovered the very basic of Meteor. Now let’s create something interesting like this: It’s a simple real-time chat, with many users. Follow these steps and you’ll finish it in just 30 minutes!

What is Meteor? You’ve heard people talk about Meteor recently. So here are a few things you should know about Meteor. Be careful when reading this because you will fall in love with it immediately: