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This is what you should consider before deploying a meteor app

Deploying a Meteor app, however bears a strong resemblance to deploying other kinds of software, is much easier, especially when you are familiar with working on websocket-based Node.js app. Since it is a must to bring your app into play after all of your effort to develop, I would love to dig deep into what […]

How Does Meteor Framework work on

In a most recently posted blog, I had pointed out some reasons why you should choose Meteor for your future web and mobile apps. Meteor is now widely used by developers due to its enormous advantages. Nowadays, there are tons of web and mobile apps built with Meteor such as Telescope,,, and of […]

2nd Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup

Again, another Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup successfully ended with helpful knowledge about Meteor shared and a lot of fun and happiness. Through nearly 2 hours of our meetup, we did hope that all of you guys had one step further on the way of conquering Meteor. Now it’s high time to have a look […]

Reasons for choosing Meteor to develop your next web and mobile apps

Meteor is no longer a new concept to those who study and work in IT section. Unlike other frameworks, Meteor is a smart and powerful tool that allows you build web and mobile applications with one single language of JavaScript. In terms of programming, Meteor is described as an open-source and full-stack JavaScript platform that […]

Curriculum Manager App

Having difficulty in creating a professional resume that impresses your potential employers? How to make it when online CV creation does not work? Let our Curriculum Manager App give you a hand. A Fast, Easy-to-use and All-in-one App What you expect from a resume app is exactly what Curriculum Manager provides. Developed by Designveloper team […]

Designveloper at AngelHack Ho Chi Minh 2016 Hackthon

Our Designveloper with a team of five joined in a global competition of AngelHack’s Vietnam 2016 Hackathon, took place in Ho Chi Minh City on June 25th – 26th, 2016. Wonderful foods and drinks, attractive prizes to win, AngelHack Ho Chi Minh 2016 Hackathon drew in all contestants and of course, we were not an […]