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Angular Material Dialog, Designveloper

We will go through a complete example of how to build a custom dialog by using the Angular Material Dialog component.

  • January 30, 2019

Maybe most people still don’t realize that 2019 means we’re heading to the last chapter of the decade. Over the past ten years, we’ve seen how mobile and the internet ruled the world, the introduction of AI, AMP, AR, VR, and many other acronyms. And where we could see and feel these changes most apparently […]

Time flies so fast, it’s already been five years since the day Designveloper (DSV) was established, sometimes it feels just like yesterday. Five years, it’s a quite long and memorable journey. We’ve been through ups and downs, joy and sadness. Every challenge we’ve conquered, every moment we’ve spent together, is the memory that each of […]

Welcome to DSV’s Journey to the West (DSV Tây Du Ký), I must inform you before you continue to read: this is not a review or experience sharing of a self-organized trip, it’s more than that, because this trip is somehow considered feels like a DSV miniature. Meet the squad Here is a team of […]

jQuery is a quite small yet fast JavaScript library that consists of a number of extensible and durable features, and commonly used as a single method that performs a series of operations on one selection. For example, its easy-to-use API is consistent with all browsers and can easily enable HTML animation, DOM manipulation, and event […]

It is widely believed that one of the very first programming languages that almost every software programmer choose to start with is JavaScript which is considered the most popular and trustful programming language in website building. JavaScript, as well as any other programming language, is one key foundation of nowadays software technology inventions and innovations. […]

As I said in the previous blog 6 Signs It’s Time to Give Your Website an Overhaul,  in this age of data overflowed, having a nice website design is crucial for businesses to attract customers’ attention and gain their trust. So in this next stop, I’d like to change my target audience to you, the […]

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Imagine me, an ordinary office girl, surely an outsider to codes, programming languages, frameworks, etc. Java? Python? Swift? Who are they? I don’t know. Actually, I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift but I’m not sure she’s the above Swift. And imagine one day, I find out my heart is telling me to go after […]