5 Simple Tips To Hire The Right App Developer

By on March 20, 2017

simple tips to hire the right developer for your project

There is no doubt that almost every business nowadays has a mobile app. If you don’t, oh dear, you are missing out enormous opportunities to boost your productivity. In fact, developing an app for your business is not an activity of amusement anymore, it’s a must. That’s because today’s customer are mainly depended on smartphones to do their daily business tasks.

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The thing is that finding a developer you are confident and comfortable working with can be a horror story, time-consuming task. And if you don’t make a right choice, you can end up wasting lots of money for an app that doesn’t satisfy your business requirement and not match the way you wish to operate.

If you’re at that phase, no matter which direction you choose to go, here are 5 key points that you should keep in mind. It’s not only to help you better evaluate your potential developers, but also to deepen your understanding of what’s best for you and your business.

simple tips to hire the right developer for your project

Choose a candidate with experience

The first and foremost thing you need to do while hiring an app developer is requesting a portfolio of their apps they have built so far.

It’s not just for evaluating them, also for you to make sure you can hire the right one who had experienced in relevant field. Because if you don’t, imagine bringing on a developer with years of experience in building Android apps to develop an iOS app, how terrible!

Besides, when evaluating the portfolios of developers, here are a few questions you need to highly consider:

– What kind of applications they have built? (yup, I have mentioned above how important it is)
– On which mobile platform they have been creating the most mobile apps?
– What the clients said about their works?

Start with a small talk

If developers don’t know what purpose that your app should serve, they can not create an effective one for you. That’s why communication becomes a thing of matter.

simple tips to hire the right developer for your project

You need to clearly specify all the details of your project and watch the developer’s reactions closely to find out whether they have interest in your business or not. Because if they don’t, they may not give their best innovative ideas that they could.

The more you communicate with each other, the smoother the process will go, which consequently results in getting the preferred outcome.

Do check the developer’s technical skills

Developing a mobile app might require various tools, technologies & platforms. Make sure that the developer is familiar with all these.

However, please kindly note that fluency in an impressive number of program won’t make or break that developer. The one with an eagerness to learn will always serve you better.

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Make sure the prices

You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing how much it costs, right?

simple tips to hire the right developer for your project

Every developer has their different pricing structure, so what you should ask is whether it’s a flat project price or hourly rate is used. The most important thing is that you have to know exactly what you’re paying for. Asking for an detailed list of deliverables included in the price is the only way to get clear about how much your app’s actually going to cost you.

However, do not let the price drives you. You have to know that an app is always a long-term investment in your business and future, and therefore should be treated as such. If you are looking for someone offering cheaper quote, your app will look cheap as well. Whatever you are thinking, think bigger. Let’s imagine where you will see your business in next few years with that app.

Hire an offshore development company

If you have a tight budget, hiring a native app developer sometimes can turn out to be too expensive. In that case, offshoring your app is a good idea to get it build at affordable prices.

It doesn’t mean that you are compromising with quality to save a few dollars. It’s just about filling your team with talent people all around the world.

Final words

Building a simple mobile app might be a child’s play, but a seamless one takes complex programming. It takes time and practice to produce a “be-you” product which attains the quality online presence your brand deserves, not just a rushed creation from a dull off-the-shelf applications.

Deciding to hire a suitable developer to create a flawless app for your business can be a daunting decision. I hope that my blogpost helped you to relieve that stress a little bit.

Also, if you have any question regarding outsourcing your applications, please don’t hesitate to contact Designveloper. That’s something we can definitely help you!

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