Happy International Women’s Day!

By on March 13, 2017

Celebrating international women's day

Some people might be surprised to hear that we hold a party last Wednesday since we have organized a lot of parties every month. Oh honey, don’t take things so serious! Life is too short, why don’t we just enjoy it while we could? We don’t live in order to work, but work in order that we might live, right?

Okay, I know I’m a bit off topic. LOL.

Where am I? Oh yes, we partied again. But we did have reasons to celebrate! March 8 is a very big day. It’s International Women’s day which is a day to work toward gender parity. Instead of taking to the streets to demand real policy changes—particularly as women do in some nations where their rights are under threat, in my country the holiday looks remarkably similar to Valentine’s Day, with women receiving flowers and gifts from the men in their lives.

To embrace the monumental contributions of women, there is no reason that my company don’t hold a big fat party.

Celebrate international women's day

The celebration kicked off with an interesting game

Celebrate international women's day

We, women chose a random number. And then based on that number, we received a gift from a random guy in the office.

Celebrate international women's day

Celebrate international women's day

There were tons of surprising presents that brought us so much laughter all the while.

Celebrate international women's day

After that, we went out for a BBQ buffet. Our stomach were served with enormously tasty foods. What more would we need?

I think one of the coolest part of our party is that it’s not just about food and presents. Beyond those indulgences are the commonalities that bond us during the day – appreciation, selflessness, joy, companionship. Togetherness.

Someone stated that: “Work is not supposed to be fun. That’s why it’s called work”. If you have the same thought, you’re completely wrong.

Honest to say, working all the time and having no fun will make you become a dull employee. Not only does humor in workplace reduce stress, it can also create strong bonds and a positive work environment. Who hates on fun anyway? Imagine waking up each morning looking forward to the fun that you’re going to have at work that day!

You spend about a third of your life at work, so isn’t it important to be with someone you feel comfortable and can have fun with? You should be nodding.

With this in mind, Designveloper is exactly the dream workplace you are looking for. By the way, did I mention we are hiring? Come and be a part of our youthful, flexible and creative team. 🙂

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