6 Common Mistakes Can Kill Your App

By on February 28, 2017

common mistakes can kill your app

I know it sounds ridiculous but more people in this world own smartphones than toothbrushes. They have became a vital part of our life.

But, have you ever wondered why they’re so popular like that? The real heroes standing behind such success are the many exciting apps smartphones provide us. These apps seems to be everything surrounding us from doing business, checking email, shopping or even playing game.

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Nonetheless, creating a rock star application is not an easy task. In fact, it can takes weeks or even months to build an app, but just a little feature can still make or break that app.

Therefore, in today’s post, I’m going to bring to you a list of some common mistakes when designing an application which prevent your advance. Those simple stupid mistakes and overlooked components can be a huge detriment to your application and can send your users to your competitors’ app. Be vigilant!

common mistakes can kill your app

You got it all wrong in the first place

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

How many times do I need to repeat that saying?

Usually users don’t really know what they will experience in the first moment they open an app. That time will determine whether they should trust you application or not, or if they’ll fall in love and stick with it. That’s why a fantastic app should make a good first impression.

Not only should the app load quickly and easy to understand, but also it should remind users of the reason they downloaded the app. If you don’t wow users with the first run experience, chances are they won’t interact with it again.

You forgot about fat fingers!

I don’t know about you but nothing drives me crazy more than putting so much effort into just tapping a small touch button. That doesn’t necessarily mean I have fat fingers, it’s just because I (and most people in the world) generally use the pads of the fingers to touch a button and not the fingertips.

You don’t have to design a very big touch button to avoiding this issue, just ensure that there is plenty of space around each button and make it tappable. What I mean is wherever you hit in that tappable area, it can still take you to the same location. This totally makes the app more user-friendly.

common mistakes can kill your app

You put too much things on the screen

Sometimes, less is more. With mobile application, everything should be made as simple as possible for the users. Since apps are designed to work on small screens, there’s not so much room for you to clutter up anyway.

Also, you shouldn’t pack too many features into an app. Each app is downloaded to serve a certain purpose. If you try to stuff tons of content and other design elements, the app becomes overwhelming and too distracting to the users. Moreover, honest to say, in the world that people seem to be bombarded with too much content, they tend to be attracted by the simplicity.

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Users are not able to decipher the app

People always want to be heard, seen or listened to. So, there is no doubt that if you design an app that is not easy to interact with, they won’t spend much time per their visit.

Your app should be intuitive by including some visual clues so that the users can understand exactly what actions you want them to take or where to touch, what will happen next.

common mistakes can kill your app

Lack of consistency

Let’s picture a little scenario: Your application has different color, typography and navigation patterns for each page. You think this will make your app stand out. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but just one word can describe such app – Confusing!. Another word? – Chaos!

Everything within a single app that aren’t consistent often yields frustrated users and can be the main reason driving even the most promising products to failure. Also, it’s not just about consistency. It must be a wise consistency which does more than looking the same.

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Build once, run forever

Really? This is the killer!

Many people have this silly assumption! They think that once their app is built, it never need to be touched again and their job is done. Remember, time flies fast. Things change. People changes. No matter how awesome your app is, no one is going to be interested in it forever if it’s still the same with the passing of time.

To avoid looking outdated and old-fashioned, your app needs to be updated regularly. Additionally, updated content encourage people to return to check out something new. So don’t be a conservative one that get left behind by not changing.

Do you have anything else to add?

These are just a few common mistakes of ton of misconceptions out there in the application design industry. Do you have anything else to add? I would love to know what kind of misconceptions you have met in your creative journey.

And if you are serious in getting an application for your business, you will need to consider engaging a professional agency. It will save your valuable time which you can use to improve your business processes and your products.

Then, I certainly encourage you to give Designveloper a call. That’s something we can definitely help you!

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