The 5th Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup Review

By on October 18, 2016

The 5th Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup Review

Again, our monthly Meteor Meetup successfully ended with helpful knowledge shared and a lot of fun and happiness. Now it’s time to have a look back on what we had done on last Saturday October 15th, 2016.

A Walk Through Our Meetup

Because of the bad weather, the meetup started a little bit late at 10AM when guests all completed check-in and settled themselves in comfortable chairs.

The 5th Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup Review

Ms. Linh Vu – our graceful MC warmly welcomed participants and said thank you to Mr. Hung Vo, CEO of Designveloper as well as Mr. Ha Truong, co-founder of Designverloper for their generous sponsorship.

The 5th Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup Review

Without any further delay, Mr. Huy Mai – our full stack ninja gave us an informative talk about latest Meteor news. Also, he introduced to us about the hottest trend in dev community these days – GraphQL and Apollo.

The 5th Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup Review

The next topic was related to Microservices with Senecajs, presented by Mr. Trung Dang, our guest from Harvey Nash. This is the second part of the topic. For a deeper understanding, you can find the first one at here. Because some of our guests was new to this part, they listened carefully and soon after Trung finished his part, there was an open discussion about this topic.

The last part of our meetup seemed to be the most expected one. Our systems randomly selected one luckiest guy to get free tech gift.

The 5th Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup Review

Besides, those speakers who shared their helpful topics that made this event such a success were rewarded by Mr. Ha.

At the end of the meetup, we had great time sharing knowledge and experience in web and app development in general and in using Meteor in particular.

The 5th Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup Review

The 5th Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup Review

The 5th Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup Review

And as always, if you want to access to older presentations, you can view them here

What Did Attendants talk About Our Meteor Meetup?

We got some positive and contributive feedback from attendants.

“This is such a helpful talk, give me basic information about new tech” – said Phuoc, a developer. Thanks Phuoc! Feedbacks like these would keep us going.

We also had a short interview with Romen. He congratulated us on our successful meetup with great talk on Microservices. He also gave us some invaluable advice on how to improve the quality of the meetup, for example we should have had longer break for participants to get to know each others.

It seemed our presentation was a little fast for Mr. Anh Tran. He said that we should focused on the details instead of trying to run too fast. We sincerely concern and apologize that we fell short on your expectations in some areas. We highly appreciated all of your feedback and will use it to evaluate changes and make improvements in our next events.

So, there you have it, these are the kinds of meetup happening last Saturday. Sounds like a good time, doesn’t it?

I hope that you can come out and join us next time! If you are not a member of Meteor Ho Chi Minh meetup group, swing by here and join today! We usually meet once a month. And if you are interested in presenting a topic for the next events, let us know! Looking forward to see you again in the near future! 🙂

We will have other blogs for the topics of the meetup for you easily follow. But now just have a look at slides of these topics:

  • Latest Meteor News – by Huy Mai
  • Microservices with Senecajs – by Trung Dang
  • For more information, feel free to contact us via:

  • Email: (Subject “Meteor Meetup”)
  • Phone: (+84) 979 820 611
  • Facebook:
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