Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Custom Web Design

By on August 30, 2016

Advantages of custom web design

Decide whether or not you need a custom web design for you business can be daunting. Lots of people might think that is an expense because there are thousands of sources out there for super cheap even free web template. In my opinion, however, it’s not! Developing a custom website for your business will be considered as a smart investment, and the one that helps your business grow. You doubt it, don’t you?

So, this time instead of convincing you to believe my words, I will let you make this case clear by yourself through answering these below questions:

Is your website truly your?

Are you the one making decision about what you want for your website? Can you totally nix part that you don’t like? Are you in control, not some dull templates?

Advantages of custom web design

If you’re using a template, sorry, the answer is definitely NO.

Template do not allow so much rooms for your personalization. They restrict your website’s appearance and functionality. On the contrary, custom web design hands you the marverllous power of control over every details of YOUR website. That power not only allows you to tailor every aspect of your site exactly as you expect, but also avoid copying from others.

Is your website memorable?

How can you differentiate yourself from the crowd when wearing the exact same clothes like others? Okay, your face may be a little different with the makeup you did by your own, but who care when they just look at you in 3 seconds then leave?

It goes the same with your website. Most people leave after just one glimpse at your site. So, to make them remember your website, you have to keep them interested and make the site absolute unique which a template can not deliver.

Having a custom web design give you an opportunity to be yourself and push your business to one step further.

Are you serious about your business?

Templates make your website look generic and non credible. As a result, your business seem more like a place of amusement than a professional business. In fact, you do not look for a click, do you? What you are looking for is the potential visitors who are willing to browse through your site and get to know who you are. Then, if those perspectives don’t feel that you are really serious about your business, how can they purchase for your services?

Advantages of custom web design

Custom web design allows you to develop a very carefully branded site which make your site look more professional. Therefore, even though custom website takes more money and time at first, in the long run, it can attract more visitors who may turn into your customers.

Will people visit your website?

Don’t indulge in illusion that just because you build a website, people will find it and interact with it. Oh no! That’s not how it works! This silly thought is like you hold a party and not inviting anyone, but still assume that people will come. How can?


Well, search engine optimization is responsible for this difficult task. It always plays a critical role of any websites. Building a custom web design with valid HTML, CSS code and helpful unique information is what search engine love. Template is unable to do that!


I hope that my post helped you make up your decision. One more thing: to be sure you chose a competent and professional web design, before deciding, don’t hesitate to dig into some online resources to proofread and get necessary information.

If you end up to choose having a custom web design, then I certainly encourage you to give Designveloper a call. That’s something we can definitely help you!

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