Meetup Groups You Must Join If You Are Tech Beginner

By on July 26, 2016

Meetup groups for newbie to tech

If you are a newbie to code, then instead of sitting on your chair like…forever, you need to take your “learn-to-code” journey offline and join meetup groups. These groups are so ideal for tech beginner because you can get career advice, coding help, general support from the best programmer around, and as a result, you can expand your circle and push your career to the next level.

There’s a ton of groups to join, but I’ve summed up the best communities for you.

Meteor Ho Chi Minh meetup

For those who haven’t known about Meteor yet, imagine you just come home after an exhausted day at work. There are 2 options for you to choose: The first one is you have to cook dinner cause you are super starving. The other one is that there is a table covered with full of foods that have been done already, then you just need to sit down and satisfy your stomach. Which choice will you make? Of course it’s the second one, right? In the term of programming, Meteor is exactly that “full-of-foods” table.

Meteor is a smart and powerful tool that allows you to build web and mobile applications. Meteor requires less code, so even though you are a newbie to programming, you are able to build your own amazing app in a very short time.

2nd Meteor Ho Chi Minh Meetup Review

If you want to talk all things Meteor, check out this lively group. This group has a lot of monthly meetup sharing helpful knowledge and experience in web and app development in general and in using Meteor in particular. Their next meetup will take place on August.

HTML5Rocks@Ho Chi Minh

With the aim of spreading the world on HTML5, HTML5Rock@Ho Chi Minh is a discussion and working group for anyone who are developers, idea generators, project managers or any aspiring entrepreneur. This group offers a space where you can learn and train yourself from beginner perspective to an advanced level.

JavaScript Ho Chi Minh city

If you like JavaScript, Ember.js, Node.js, Angular.js, you can’t avoid mentioning this group. Joining this group, you get an opportunity to hang out and discuss about JavaScript tips, tricks, hacks, framework or to learn about what else is going on in JavaScript community with some of the best scripter around. Sound great, right?

Meetup groups for newbie to tech


If you are interesting in talking about Ruby or Ruby on Rails, Saigon.rb will be right up your alley. Founded by Sebastian K, who has five year experiences in Ruby, Saigon.rb is an evening to learn, share or simply enjoy the language that focus on developer’s happiness – Ruby!

Meetup groups for newbie to tech

Docker Sai Gon

According to, “Docker is an open platform for developers or sysadmin to build, ship or run distributed application”. Docker Sai Gon provides a community forum for discussing all things Docker related. Their meetups involve one or two presentations plus a chance to meet and chat over pizza and drinks. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a Docker beginner or an expert.

Meetup groups for newbie to tech

Agile Vietnam

Agile Vietnam is the first non-profit Agile organization in Vietnam dedicated to promote Agile development principles and practices. This group has currently got more than 500 members. They have regular get together throughout the year on a variety of agile topics.

Meetup groups for newbie to tech


So, what are you waiting for? Join one (or all) of these groups, recruit a friend to attend with you and start expanding your tech network! Now, let us know if we missed out any of your favorite meetup groups in comments below.

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